Course curriculum

A Strong Spiritual Foundation Helps One Walk the Inner Journey of the Soul Without Any Fear & Quickens the Spiritual Progress of the Soul.


"This Course will give you direction to start & set a strong foundation for rapid progress in Spirituality and will tell you what to do next in your Spiritual Journey".

  • Session 1 : Introduction

  • Session 2 : Who is this Course for ?

  • Session 3 : Most Important for the Spiritual Journey

  • Session 4 : Why Should We Raise Our Consciousness Really?

  • Session 5 : What is Spirituality & Why Do We Need it In Our Lives?

  • Session 6 : Greatest Obstacles in the Spiritual Journey

  • Session 7 : What Does 11:11 Really Mean?

  • More Resources

From The Teacher

The Only Journey All Human Beings Must Take : "The Journey Within"

When I was young, I was initiated into a life of spirituality & miracles by my Spiritual Teacher in India.  Little did I know at that time what it really meant. I used to think the whole world was full of magic and therefore I valued my gifts less. It took me many years to understand His' grace and the spiritual gifts I was bestowed with by greatest Karma. Today, here i am. I am very happy and proud of the Spiritual wisdom that I have received during my spiritual practice of 26 years because all of this wisdom has brought me Infinite Peace of Mind and made my life and my family's life simpler & easier.
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David Cowan, Youtuber | Spirituality

David who is also a part of the Academy, is explaining his Spiritual Awakening Journey & how we connected and became friends. [Click on the white button to listen]